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Not successful, not skinny, not educated, not famous, not partnered with the ‘right’ person. H A P P Y. It’s a big question. Most of us train and are trained by our families, society and culture to value success, education, economic status and, with the onset of social media, some particular, if invented, public persona. And many of us actually HAVE those things. And yet. We are not happy.

The mass of [wo]men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation . . . A stereotyped but unconscious despair is concealed even under what are called the games and amusements of mankind. There is no play in them . . .
— Henry David Thoreau

 The personal and societal malaise that we are experiencing now was recognized by the wise Mr. Thoreau 165 years ago. He understood that the pretense of the Victorian Age — going out to dinner, fancy houses, social expectations, morals that flew in the face of all things human — created a kind of desperation, a clinical depression on a national scale.

Sound familiar? Like our ancestors, we have the external trappings of happiness but the inside feels a bit hollow, a bit “there has to be something more” than our daily lives, our daily actions, the daily grind of a contemporary life that is governed by calendars, devices and discord, not heart.

I get it. Completely. I was there. Excellent family. Ivy league education. Hard work. The right values. A handsome, smart, successful partner. Gorgeous children. Lovely home. Foreign cars. Summer house. Lots of friends. A perfect life.

And perfectly freaking miserable.

I thought of my life as a pretty prison and would joke about it with my friends. I felt guilty. Ungrateful. Upset by the disparity between my incredible privilege and the sad, dull feeling in my body and soul. I had EVERYTHING and yet I had nothing but a hollow, empty feeling inside, a sense that I was not doing what I had come Here to Do, a sense that I was failing in the midst of all this success. I saw this quiet desperation all around me in the picture-perfect little suburban town where I was raising our family. It looked SO good from the outside. And I kept trying. Hard. Really hard. No amount of Martha Stewart perfection, organic/grass fed meals, volunteer work, family engagement or therapy seemed to cut into the numbing fog I found myself in. I felt like Thoreau’s stereotype, full of the unconscious despair with a killer blowout, a faint smile on my face and soul in desperate need of SOMETHING.

And then I discovered that SOMETHING, COMPLETELY out of my cultural box, that changed everything forever.


At first, I did yoga strictly for my health. I had a high risk pregnancy and my doctor recommended prenatal yoga as a helpful option. After my daughter’s birth, several chronic health issues starting to pile up. I dabbled for awhile with gentle Hatha classes, feeling better afterwards but unable to stick to regular practice. It wasn’t until a bout with postpartum depression after my second child’s arrival that I realized I needed an exercise program that attended to more than just my the perkiness of my tush. I signed up for a month unlimited practice in a very rigorous form of hot yoga. From my first class, I felt sense of expandedness and connectedness. I was hooked. The first book I read about yoga was Muktananda’s Play of Consciousness and it seemed like a long-lost friend, a guide and affirmation to all I had been experiencing in my own journey, as different as it was from the journey of a young Indian saint. I studied. I practiced. I became a yoga teacher. I opened a yoga studio. And then another. I took another teacher training. And then another. I went on to teach teachers. I immersed myself fully for 25 years. And it got me going, in the direction of who I truly felt I was, toward a place of connection I never thought I’d experience.

But Guess what?

I found out that Modern Postural Yoga — aka the Yoga Industry — is just as full of quiet desperation as the rest of the world. People come to yoga to seek refuge. Yoga is, literally, FULL of refugees. Some are wise, benevolent and helpful. Most, if I can be frank, are not. Disillusioned, I was confused by what I felt at my core was so helpful and right yet so misrepresented in the Yoga Business. Several studio dramas and guru scandals later, I was wondering if yoga, my love, and I were going to part ways.

I didn’t give up. i dug deeper.

Five years ago, I set out on a quest to distill Yoga down to its roots, its essence. Personal practice and experience was a foundation. Research was a passion. Blessed to find teachers who were finally translating anew ancient and beautiful truths from the Tantrik tradition, in their original form and intention without the shadow of Western interpretation, I found a new yoga, a new dharma, a new path that makes a very ancient practice completely useful and relevant in today’s world.

I got clear. I got Free. I got going.

Not ecstatic. Not crazy, woo-woo, nuts about the world. But quietly, steadily, happier and happier, free-er and free-er from mental constructs and shoulda/woulda/coulda anxiety until my consciousness understood that we are all, in fact, divine and that we can live contentedly in love with the What Is. I had to make some pretty enormous decisions, ones that involved some loss to make room for new growth. While my life ain’t perfect, it is so, so loving and fun and exciting in all its messy imperfection that sharing these ancient tools has become the joy of my life.

I’d like to share them with you. Yoga: A simple and fascinating philosophy, a few practical tools that can be layered on top of ANY spiritual belief system, a path to happiness.

If you are feeling. . .

• Fuzzy

• Unfocused

• Feeling trapped in your life circumstances

• Stuck in a holding pattern with no clear way to move forward

• Not getting any younger and still wanting to get the dreams you’ve had since you were little UP and OUT and FLOURISHING


• Intellectually and spiritually curious

• Value the practical

• Have a sense of humor

• Feel the potential of your physical blueprint

• Want to be a human, not a bot

• Are ready to begin, right where you are right now . . . 

Have we got a dharma for you.

The teachers, methodology and curriculum of The New Dharma have been helping people find themselves and their path in life for over 20 years. Using yoga and practical meditation practices, immersion in everyday dharma, innovative and profound life coaching tools, and a commitment to basic healthy lifestyle habits, The New Dharma provides a safe container for radical self-transformation, discovery and growth.

My very first coaching client said, at the end of 10 super charged sessions, "You know what you are, Kat? You're not a life coach, you're a Dharma Coach." And that was the beginning of a powerful new paradigm for expanding human potential.

The word "dharma" has many meanings including "path" and "truth". Dharma Coach™ offers a unique form of life coaching that helps you figure out where you are, where you want to go and gives you the tools to get there. Rooted in the traditional teachings of non-dual saiva tantra and years of cross-cultural study, we work together with a sense of wonder and curiosity to uncover YOUR truth, your values and your deepest desires for yourself and the world. With that blueprint, we develop highly individualized, practical tools and practices -- yoga, meditation, self-care practices, and other positive, life-affirming modalities -- for you to use to GET ON and STAY ON a path that brings you into alignment with your highest self. Be prepared to dive deep and be present, to excavate your truth and mine your sweetest offerings and gifts.  Most importantly, get ready to be happy and free, to know that “life has created a form by which it may know itself, and that form is you.” *

I work with only 10 individual clients at a time, insuring that you get everything you need by way of support in your dharma coaching™ sessions. Please contact support@thenewdharma.org or click on the button below to schedule a complimentary 30 minute session. In this short but powerful first session, we will explore together your desires and direction and see if Dharma Coaching™ is a good fit for you. There is no obligation to enroll beyond the initial free session.


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