Navigating Change

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes...Let things flow naturally forward...                                                                                                — Lao Tzu  


Change is natural and spontaneous, says the wise Lao Tzu. It doesn’t really feel like that, does it? But it is true.  Everything changes.  All the time. We tend to look at change with at least skepticism and often with straight up fear. We resist change despite the fact that it not only inevitable but constant.  A process rather than an event, if we want to be conscious co-creators of our lives, we are better served to look at change as an ongoing renewal that moves us toward our most expansive and positive self.

Yoga and Non-dual Śaiva Tantra (NŚT) dharma have killer tools for navigating shift.  Tapping into the powers that we share with our Divine Whole, if we locate ourselves first, using Cit Śakti (the Power of Awareness), we can launch a useful process that puts us in charge of change, rather than at its mercy.  Where am I now? What am I feeling? What is my experience? What do I know? What DON’T I know? are useful meditations as we look for clarity and energetic location. Engaging Ānanda Śakti (the Power of Bliss), we can then ask What is my bliss? What do I desire? More than mere wanting, what do I deeply feel, imagine and desire? The answers to these questions give us Icchā Sakti (the Power of Will/Creative Impulse), clarity that motivates us and gives us that creative chutzpah to embrace the shift and our own self expression.  Jñāna Śakti (the Power of Knowing) gives us the framework and alignment to make things happen. Inspiration and Hell Yeah! are not enough; without the discipline and direction of knowing, we can’t actually get ‘er done.  Kriyā Śakti (the Power of Divine Action) brings it all home with the doing of the shift, the spontaneous action that flows freely and unconditionally from our powers of awareness, bliss, will, and knowing.  Happy and free, we arrive at Lao Tzu’s place of natural, spontaneous change, flowing forward. 

These are the tools I have been using during the massive personal shift I have been going through over the past four years. Divorce, health issues, relocation, rebranding, retooling, realigning, aging, expansion, growth, travel — it has been a wild and challenging ride that has blown both my heart and my mind wide open.  If not for non-dual Śaiva Tantra (NŚT), if not for this brilliant philosophy which has helped me experience the divinity in all things, including myself, I would have, quite simply, been lost.  And my clients and students agree.  THESE ARE TOOLS THAT WORK.

Now it’s your turn.

It’s time to dive deep.  The New Dharma has programs this fall to help you understand your process, dig in, get control and make the shift you’ve been yearning to make.  Join us September 21-23 for a quick-and-profound solstice-centric kickstart with Ignite Your Body/Quiet Your Mind, co-taught with my incredible yogini/dancer/body genius daughter Sayer Mansfield.  We’ll get you headed out of summer toward fall in the right direction.  Also in September are Morning Sadhana classes with me at Willard Hill, one-and-done practices at 7:30 AM to get your yoga on before the day has a chance to grab you and pull you off your alignment.  We are also offering Bright, Light, Tight Nutrition, a tune-up for your eating practices so that you can nourish your body and take some of that summer indulgence (did someone say rosé?!) off your mind and body. Later this fall and deeper still, TND will offer a 7 weekend Integration Series designed to —  for reals and at last — make a yogini out of you so that you have full and unlimited access to your yoga skills and tools whenever you need them.

Which is all the time because things are always changing, right?  See you on the mat.




The New Dharma