The Offer of the New Dharma

  • To make this time of self-discovery and alignment the most profound and joyful time of your life.

  • To understand the power of joy, of fun, of laughter and celebration in all we do together.

  • To recognize and honor the positive aspects and abundance that constantly surround us.

  • To support you, rigorously and with love, on your path of discovery.

  • To gain a sense of appreciation for other’s dharma (life path) and a useful self-awareness of your own as tools to bring us deeper into metta (loving-kindness) and radical compassion and non-judgment for self and others.

  • To embrace sangha as one of the jewels of happy living; to make dear friends that will last a lifetime.

  • To carry the keys of yoga and Non-dual Śaiva Tantra dharma in your pocket forever, sustaining you for a lifetime; to have the skills, tools and benefits of yoga practice at the ready, for your use and support.

  • To lose yourself in generosity of spirit, to love what you do and what you offer to others in all your worldly pursuits so that you can give freely, as a yogi and as an enlightened, compassionate, free human being.

  • To understand that to know yourself, to calm the fluctuations of your heart-mind so that you can discover your innate and inalienable divinity, to live happily and freely is a gift to the Universe and to all fellow beings. What flows from this state is amrita (nectar), a sweet offering of love to all.